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Workshop: Accessing and analyzing All of Us biomedical and genomic data via the Researcher Workbench
Dr. Julie R. Coleman, Dr. Shamika Ketkar, and Dr. Jinyoung Byun of the All of Us Evenings with Genetics (AoUEwG) Research Program at Baylor College of Medicine will provide training on the platform and tools to access and analyze the NIH’s All of Us data.
Workshop: Satisfying NIH data sharing and management requirements with Terra and AnVIL
Stephen Mosher, Elena Ghanaim, Ava Hoffman, Anton Kovalsky and Fred Tan will discuss the new data management and sharing (DMS) policy released by the National Institutes of Health. In this workshop, attendees will learn about key data-sharing practices and take a journey through the Terra and AnVIL ecosystem to explore the features that meet NIH’s desirable characteristics.
Workshop: Genome mapping nomenclature and ISCN 2024
Participants will gain an understanding of the new cytogenomic mapping nomenclature and see how it compare to array and sequence ISCN nomenclature.
Workshop: Single-cell resources of the UCSC Genome Browser
Single-cell data provides unprecedented resolution within tissues to observe the gene-expression patterns in tissues, but it also produces mountains of data stored in hundreds of tables. Participants will explore the resources and learn how to filter data along the many dimensions.
Workshop: Using Gabriella Miller Kids First’s datasets and platforms for pediatric cancer and structural birth defect research
David Higgins will present an overview of the Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource and its publicly-funded, free-to-access genomic and clinical datasets for research in pediatric cancer and structural birth defects. Attendees will follow along and be learn how to query the data, build virtual cohorts of participants, apply for access, build an analysis workflow, and analyze the data in an interactive notebook.
Workshop: Harnessing the Power and Promise of Population-Based Screening to Advance Precision Medicine
This workshop will provide in-depth training on the design and implementation of research studies using the principles and practices of population-based newborn screening.