Getting Started

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using the ASHG Learning Center!

  1. Log Into This Site with your user ASHG username and password. If you have ever been a member, submitted an abstract, or attended an ASHG meeting, you already have an ASHG account and your username is your email address.

    If you are brand new to ASHG and need to create an account, Click Here to go to our ASHG login page and follow the instructions to create an ASHG account, regardless of your membership status.
  2. Update your "Interest Categories" in your Profile. Doing so will ensure that your Recommended for You content will populate content that interests you.
  3. Browse the Library to see ASHG’s digital programs content and register for online events that interests you.
  4. Register for as many online courses and sessions as you'd like. All the items you have registered for will be found on your My Dashboard page.
  5. Enjoy!
Questions? Contact ASHG's Digital Programs Department

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I access content in the ASHG Learning Center?
    Once you have found a content item you wish to view, click the “Register” link. Most content is free, so you will be registered immediately. You may then access that content immediately from the “Contents” tab once you see “You Are Registered” appear. If the content has a cost, you will go through your Cart to purchase it. To access the content later (on-demand), you can register now and visit “My Dashboard" (on the left-side navigation) later. “My Dashboard” will show all content that you have registered for. You can also access some content like Awards presentations without registering for them by clicking on the respective image on the homepage and visiting those pages directly.
  2. How do I cancel my registration or get a refund for a live event? 
    Most programs are offered free of charge. For those with a cost, all ASHG Learning Center refund requests must be made in writing to within 90 days of purchase. Those requesting refunds for courses/events that are in progress will receive partial refunds or Learning Center credit. Automatic full refunds will be made for any event with a live component that has been canceled.
  3. What are the system requirements for accessing a webinar?
    All events are run through Zoom. Please read more about Zoom requirements on their site
  4. How do I define my interests to ensure the most accurate recommendations are displayed under the “Recommended for You" section? 
    Update your "Interest Categories" in your Learning Profile. Doing so will ensure that your Recommended for You content will populate content that interests you.
  5. I have other questions (not addressed in this section), how do I contact Customer Support? 
    If you need assistance with registration, accessing content you registered for, or have other questions not answered above, please contact