ASHG Trainee Professional Development Program: Writing Competitive Training Grants & Fellowships

Recorded On: 10/17/2019

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The goal of this session will be to review the process of developing and submitting trainee grants (i.e., predoctoral and postdoctoral grants including, but not limited to NIH F and K awards). Examples of successful and unsuccessful grants will be shared with attendees to facilitate discussion during the session. Each facilitator will be asked to discuss in a short 10-minute presentation their perspective of 1) writing and submitting a trainee grant and 2) reviewing trainee grants and what grantors are looking for. Facilitators are encouraged to share their own examples of successful/unsuccessful grant submissions and discuss either their own or ones provided to attendees.

Moderator: Burcu Darst, PhD, University of Southern California


Introduction to Session and Speakers with Burcu Darst, PhD
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Heather Colley, MS Discusses What It's Like Contacting a Program Officer and the Grant Process
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Plan, Think and Write: Discussion of Competitive Training Grants and Fellowships with Christine Beck, PhD
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V. Wendy Setiawan PhD Discusses Trainee Grants: What Are Reviewers Looking For?
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Closing Remarks
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