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ASHG 2021 Awards
Watch the 2021 ASHG Award Presentation Videos
Integrating ENCODE Data With Your Research: An Interactive Survey of ENCODE Tools and Resources
This workshop will introduce participants to three important ENCODE resources: 1) The ENCODE data portal, 2) SCREEN, and 3) Juicebox.
Clinical Genomics Education Boot Camp
This bootcamp is an interactive session designed to equip the clinical genomics educator with evidenced-based practices and principles for creating their own educational session.
Julia Meets Mendel: Algorithms and Software for Modern Genomic Data Analysis
We will introduce efficient computational methods in Julia for scalable genomic analysis. We will present genomic examples and offer simple hands on coding exercises via easy to use Jupyter notebooks as part of the OpenMendel project.
RNA-seq for Mendelian Disease Diagnostics: A Hands-On Tutorial Through Bioinformatic Tools and Workflows
This hands-on workshop is designed to provide such guidance for bioinformaticians as well as clinicians through a standard RNA-seq based analysis in the context of rare disease gene discovery.
GWAS Analysis with Galaxy on the Analysis Visualization Integrated Lab-space (AnVIL)
This interactive workshop will introduce the AnVIL ecosystem and its components, highlighting Gen3 for data exploration, Dockstore as the workflow repository, and Terra for launching, scaling, and sharing interactive analysis environments.
The Latest Features and Data Types in the UCSC Genome Browser
While existing users are familiar with it, they are often not aware of the latest valuable additions to the Browser's capabilites. The workshop will focus on useful features, mostly introduced in the past few years, that we know from experience have not been discovered by many of our most ardent users.
Find and Analyze Data in the Cloud with Gen3, Dockstore and Terra
In this workshop, we will guide you through a research journey with the NHGRI Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL) - an ecosystem that brings together several interoperable components being built for researchers with little or no computational experience.
The Michigan Imputation Server: Data Preparation, Genotype Imputation, and Data Analysis
This interactive workshop is intended for anyone interested in learning how to impute genotypes and to use the imputed genotypes, with a special focus on up-coming reference panels, including the multi-ancestry panel from the TOPMed program.