Claim Your Credits for ASHG 2022

Thank you for purchasing Continuing Education for ASHG 2022. Please click on the credit type that you purchased below to fill out session surveys and claim your credits. 

The final day to claim credits for ASHG 2022 is 11:59 pm EST on December 1, 2022. 

You can visit our accreditation website to view a list of sessions eligible for credits and further information.

Follow these steps to claim your credit:

  1. Use your ASHG membership/website portal credentials to access the application. 
    1. Note: These are the same credentials you used to register for ASHG 2022 and join/renew your membership.  
  2. Once logged in to the website, click on the credit type you have purchased to begin.
  3. Complete the surveys for each session you attended during ASHG 2022. You will be asked to complete the same set of evaluation questions for each session you attended.
    1. Note: Only complete one survey per each set of Concurrent Sessions. You can only earn credit for one session per concurrent session.  
  4. After you finish this process for all sessions you attended for credit, please complete the Overall Meeting Evaluation.
    1. Note: Only complete the Overall Meeting Evaluation once you are finished completing your session level surveys and are ready to receive your certificate. 
  5. Within 10 days of submission of your Overall Meeting Evaluation, ASHG will provide a link to print your certificate.

If you do not have access to the correct credit type, please email
If you are experiencing any other technical difficulties, please email

Claim CME Credit

Claim CME Credit

Claim NSGC Credit


Claim PACE Credit

Click to Claim PACE CEUs

How to Claim CME/CEUs at ASHG 2022

Please Note: This instructional video is from 2021, but the process for 2022 is the same as last year. The only change this year is that surveys will open at 7 am each day rather than 7 pm. This will allow attendees to take surveys as soon as each session ends throughout the day.